Good News!

For me! I just received a call from Dell that my notebook is on it's way back. Yipee! I checked FEDEx and found out that it is out for delivery. I hope I will get it today. please please please... :o) I wrote a post about my notebook going out to the computer doctor HERE. I am surprised and pleased that it is fixed this fast considering it's not even a whole week. Great job Dell! Considering how much I paid for it, I did not expect anything less than stellar service.

Getting my notebook means I will be back to my regular programming schedule very soon. So my daily EC drops will commence shortly. :o) I'll be able to catch up with my daily blog reads and find out about this Lipovox which my friend mentioned the other day.

Now, the waiting game starts.


  1. good news nga for you Miss Babette.. weeeww back to regular dropping and blogging ka na rin! Merry Christmas in advance to you!

  2. Hi Anne, oo nga, nanginginig-nginig na nga ako. LOL Merry Christmas to you and your family especially your cutie pie!


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