My Christmas Wish List

So, aside from peace and prosperity for the whole world, what do you really want this Christmas?
Here are some of the things I would like to receive.

Canon Digital Rebel XSi SLR

After my Nikon bailed out on me during our Europe vacation, dh and I swore we will never get another Niko
n again. We have another digital camera but it is just a simple point and shoot camera, an Olympus. We are not satisfied with the picture quality even though it's good. I guess after having the Nikon, we got used to the excellent quality only a SLR can give. So goodbye Nikon and hopefully hello Canon! LOL

Nintendo Wii Fit
Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, and that includes yours truly. Why not exercise and have fun at the same time? I heard people lose weight using this system. I guess after seeing your 'real' Mii (not your make-believe Mii), one will be encouraged to lose all that extra weight. LOL

Flannel PJs

I love wearing PJs. My legs get cold easily so I prefer PJs to nightgowns. I love flannel ones in winter.

Cardigan Twin Set Cashmere Sweater

Love it!

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

The name says it all. Love it, love it, love it!

How about you? What 's on your list?

***By the way, if you shop at BJ's Club Store, there is a Christmas tree near the entrance. There are tags hanging on this tree and each tag represents a child. Written on the tag is the age and sex of the child along with the things that it needs (usually clothing). Since you're shopping for gifts and whatnot, why don't you grab a tag and shop for at least one kid. There is a red basket near the Christmas tree where you drop off the Christmas gift for that child. Make someone else happy this Christmas. :o)


  1. Hi Barb, I'm sure you'll love the Canon. Sorry I can't attend the Christmas Party hopefully we'll see each other someday.


  2. Beware Canon's lens error. Other than that minor thing the Canon should not disappoint and I hope you receive all your gifts :D

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  3. @Lou
    Too bad you can't come to the party at Mira's. My daughter is having a birthday soon, I'll send you an invite. :o)
    I hope so too! What is it about Canon's lens error? Is it just a particular lens?

  4. ako din sis, i want a canon camera...so bad walang budget :)

  5. Hi Mama,

    I love the camera too... Wish ko din yan lalo na yang model na yan. Magiging akin din yan.

    How are you? Hope your doing great... Take care lagi!

  6. Oooh I would love a Wii fit too but it's so expensive :( Hope you get what you want though! I seem to get PJs every year and have waaayy too many now

  7. Hhhhm, I would like to have Canon SLR too...and yes that Belgian chocolates....

    Enjoy the holidays Babette!

  8. The lens error happens most on the standard point and shoot cameras, you can find more information here: Canon e18 / Lens Error Experiences

    The high end cameras seem to not have this problem but the lens error for the Canon you want for Christmas can have some dead pixel problems on the lens as seen on this amazon review but it is minor: Waiting on 2nd replacement, December 13, 2008

    Don’t worry though, this camera is excellent from all the reviews I have seen for instance this very thorough review: Canon EOS 450D Rebel XSi Digital Camera - Full Review - The Imaging Resource!

    I'm not trying to scare you from your gift just informing one of my favorite bloggers :D

    I have been researching cameras for the last week because my trusty Kodak died after about 4 years of use, so I have been reading all this camera stuff and seen the information about the Canon.

  9. I want ....
    1)a Steinway or Yamaha grand piano
    2)a Canon digital SLR camera
    3)a ticket to Mariah Carey concert (front row seat)- ok, make it 2 tickets - no fun going alone!
    4)a Toyota Vios car
    5)a pair of Adidas or New Balance running shoes
    6)a 32" Sony Bravia TV
    7)a large amount of Leonidas Belgian chocolates enough to last the whole year
    8)free gym membership for whole year
    9)3 day work/4 day rest kind of job with twice the pay I'm getting now
    10) your "19 Years - Part 3" post - Did I miss this post or you haven't post it yet? How can you keep me in suspense for so long?!

    I wonder if I'm asking too much? OK Santa, maybe just grant me wish no.1,9 and 10 - I would be quite happy and satisfied! LOL! : )

  10. @PCLicious
    Thanks so much for the links. :o) I hope it's just the lens that has an error, if that's the case then I can get another one kind of lens.

    Hmm, I remember writing an answer to your comment here yesterday, it disappeared along with my part 3! LOL Just kidding (about the part 3). That's a pretty long list, I hope you were good this year so maybe Santa will grant you at least a couple of your wishes. LOL I have part 3 on draft, I don't know where I should go with it though. Maybe I should just end it on part 3 so I don't have to delve into my (dare I say) one and only heartbreak! uggh!


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