Let It Snow

We are had our first snow yesterday. It's nice to be inside the house and watch the snowfall. We have a wooded lot so everything is quiet and peaceful. When you look out the front lawn, all you will see are trees, very tall trees. Snow is only good when you are indoors. If you're out and about, snow isn't as attractive. Driving during the first few hours of a snowfall isn't for the faint of heart. It is very easy to slip and slide. I'm thankful that I'm driving a 4WD. Coming from a tropical country and living in California, I was not used to driving in the snow.

I remember the first time, I was in Rochester, NY for work training. It was Spring but it still snowed. That was a scary week for me. I've received snow driving tips from everyone in the class which came in handy. The most important tip is to drive SLOWLY and take turns even SLOWER!

Yesterday, we went to the Christmas tree farm which is 5 minutes away, to get our tree. I told dh, "snow or no snow, we will get it". We've been coming to this farm called 'A Quiet Place' for years now. The couple who runs it is very friendly and the guy kinda looks like Santa if he only has his beard a little longer. LOL He didn't raise his prices. I guess he figured that if he did, people will not buy from him. We noticed that there are more trees that aren't tagged this year. Maybe some people want to save and just got their tree from Home Depot.

Christmas is almost here and I need to finish up on my decoration. It is always freezing each year we pick up our tree and this year is no exception. Only this year, we have an added bonus, SNOW!


  1. That is beautiful Babette. Yes I do believe we are going to have a white Christmas as well.

  2. nice shots..i haven't seen any snow in my life i wish sooooonnnnnnn hehehehe

  3. wow!white na white talaga ang christmas nyo Barb.Kami naman dito,last week ng november nag snow na.sana ganyan krami dit ang snow para naman makapaglaro si Alex sa snow peo gusto ko 1 ay lang ahhahaha,ayaw ko kasi ng sobrang lamig eh.

    Barb,pwede m-add o ang bago ong blog na www.mabelleamor.com if ok lang.Thanks

  4. marami ngang nagsave this year to buy fresh xmas tree kahit mga in laws ko since they had fake for a long time nakasave sa attic yon ang ginamit nila instead spending on fresh tree.

  5. @Jodi
    That's great that you will be having a white Christmas! WIll you be visiting family? I hope we have snow on Christmas week. Since I moved here in the East coast 7 yrs ago, I've only had 1 white Christmas. :o)

    Hanap ka na ng bf, meron na ba? Yung taga dito. LOL

    LOL I know what you mean, it gets very cold! Pati singit mo lalamigin. LOL I added your link here and I'll add it to my other blogs too. :o)

    You're right, many people are trying to save money. I think we will be using fresh trees until the kids leave for college, or maybe not. LOL We love fresh trees so we opt to save money on other things. :o)

  6. Aw I wish I could have a white Christmas! It never happens. I live in the south of England which is just that bit warmer so we don't usually get it until January or February. Tho we did get it in April this year. English weather is just stupid! Hope you manage to enjoy the snow!!!

  7. i hope we will have a white Christmas too :) it's always cold in here but we only had a very slight snowing last month.

    very pretty to look at ang snow. pero i don't like it kasi malamig...brrrr.

  8. Beautiful photos! I've always loved snow! It snowed here in GA last winter and OMG, I just loved it...It was my first experience to see and touch snow, hehe!


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