Off to the Doctor

It's amazing how we become dependent on our computer. I use it everyday in every aspect of my life. My notebook has all my files, recipes, photos and whatnot. The wireless capabilities makes it very valuable since I can do household chores and multi-task at the same time. i.e. drop ECs
When we went on vacation to Europe, I brought this with me so I was able to check emails and confirm reservations. It is small and compact. It measures roughly under 12in. x 9 in. and weighs under 5 lbs.
Now, I will be without my trusty notebook for a couple of weeks. I'm shipping it today to Dell to have it fixed. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I prefer to keep this notebook rather than get a new one. It'll cost me more $$ to pay for a model with the same capabilities since it's a gaming laptop that has all the bells and whistles(Dell XPS). It has 2 GB of memory, gotta love that. I enjoy playing computer games and this notebook is powerful enough to run even the most complicated game. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will drop it off to FedEx this afternoon. I hope I'll get it before the end of this year since I need to make sure that our membership cards are good through next year.


  1. Good luck with your laptop & I too hope you get it before the end of the year; being without your computer sucks especially when it has work & fun on it :D

    What was the latest game you enjoyed on your laptop? My latest game I'm enjoying right now is Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, I love strategy games! :D

  2. I hope your notebook will be fix immediately.

    Mama have a great day lagi!!!

  3. @PCLicious
    Thanks! :o) I only play Sims and arcade games. LOL Hey, those arcade games use up a lot of memory. LOL I'm not patient enough for strategy games, my husband likes solving mystery games and such.

    Thanks Sam. I hope so too!

  4. ooohhhh that is so sad. i would cry if that happened to my lappy, too! LOL

    hope it gets fixed sooner than the end of this year! :)

  5. you surely gonna miss your notebook but there is always another way to get to the internet, right? tell your hubby that he is fired from his computer while yours is being repaired.

    reading lang here mis babette

  6. I hope you get back your lappy before christmas day para complete.

  7. @Rare
    I'm glad you can symphatize with me. LOL It feels like I'm missing my 'personal assistant.' LOL
    @TExas Sweetie
    Hi Anne, I have my own desktop computer but it's upstairs. :o( So I can't cook and drop ECs at the same time at baka masunog niluluto ko. LOL


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