AI is Back

No, not Artificial Intelligence, it's American Idol. The season starts tonight at 8 pm. I used to be an avid watcher during the first two seasons. Now, I only watch the beginning and the end. I skip the middle part. I don't know, is it just me or is it getting boring? I used to religiously vote every week for my favorite contestant and I even used the redial feature a lot of times. I guess I got tired of the whole thing. I got bored while watching it that sometimes I'll surf the internet looking for tv mount for the set in the kitchen. Anyway, I think that a lot of people feel the same way since viewership was down last season. Is that why they have this new judge? Do you think she'll bring something fresh to the show? I also read somewhere that there wouldn't be much AI wannabe-rejects this season. I think this is a good idea since I feel bad for those people who humiliate themselves on TV. Although I believe a lot of people like this part. Unless they have something new and exciting this season, I'll only watch the beginning, to see the Idol wannabes and the end, to see who get to be THE American Idol. I hope there's another Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood in this bunch.


  1. I think I'm like you too. I get a little bored with the middle part and prefer the beginning to see some of those funny contestants and the ending where I enjoy watching the last two or three finalists fight it out to be the next AI.

    Adding an additional judge will be more interesting to watch, I hope. At least, hopefully we will get to see some fireworks from the judges themselves, otherwise it's the same old Paula, Randy and Simon.

  2. I missed it! Hb wants to watch the funny and embarrassing parts more than the actual contest while I like watching the final 12. I only voted once though, for Elliot Yamin ;-)

  3. thank you for the info fairy godmama.ai that i liked most are the ff:kelly,carrie and david cook.i dont like fantasia coz her voice sounds like donald duck.

  4. @Foong
    I saw it last night and as usual, the first episode is entertaining. I'm sure Paula is glad that the new judge is a woman, she has someone to back her up against Simon. I like the new judge, she is 'nice' (from what I've seen so far) just like Paula. I'm not sure how her name is spelled though, Carrie I think.

    Dh is the same. He likes to watch the embarrassing parts too. Oh yeah, I remember your fave, you bought his CD. LOL

    LOL I know what you mean, sometimes Fantasia's voice sounds funny.

  5. I love the previews season. I was addicted to it because of David Cook! I really like him! Lol!


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