Double Digits

My first born is now 10 years old and is growing like a weed! No, I don't feel old (unless I see the whites in my hair LOL) but it still amazes me how it seems like my kids are growing up so fast. Does anyone else feels that way or might have felt that way in some point? She's now in her tween stage, that awkward point where she's not a 'kid' anymore but she isn't a teen either. I remember when I was at this stage, I didn't know which part of the store to shop for clothes. It's different now since there are a lot of choices for tweens when it comes to clothing. Which brings me to one sore point. I buy her clothes and shoes which she does not like and does not wear (unless I talk her into wearing it). It's not as if the clothes are hideous. What gives? I've come to a point where I don't even buy her clothes unless she is with me. Then I have to ask her over and over again if she 'really' likes it. I'm thinking of drafting an agreement that she needs to sign, something like this:

I, A, do solemly swear, that I will wear these clothes and shoes. I will not give mommy a hard time when she asks me to wear something nice and pretty. I will not make funny faces or make any comments. I will not whine. I promise not to ask why I should wear nice shoes instead of my favorite Nike sneakers. I will lose ALL my priveleges if I do any of these actions.

What do you think? I probably will have to list all the priveleges that she can lose. It's better to have everything in black and white. LOL
Anyway, this was just a thought, for now. I hope that I don't have to resort to this. Wish me luck!


  1. You know what? I think children grow very fast! I did not see my niece and nephew for just several months and they look taller and bigger now.

    Your daughter is now at that age where her friends' opinions matter more than her mom's. So better let her choose her own clothes and shoes with conditions, of course. Like the clothes cannot be too expensive or revealing. Something like that.

    Better than signing an agreement with her. That's only my opinion. I'm not qualified to give any advice here as I don't have children of my own! : )

  2. I can only imagine how it feels like, I dread just thinking about being in the same position as yours ;-). I guess give her the liberty to choose and express herself more but with supervision of course. I'm sure she is in the stage where she wants to exercise independence more.

  3. Wow, Babette 10 yrs. old na pala DD mo. How do you feel? Scary ba? Ang littlegirl ko 5 pa lang so most of the time ako pa rin ang nasusunod sa mga sinusuot nya.

  4. I think you have to have a deal with her if she don't wear the clothes that you buy for her like lossing something that she likes to play. It's a sort of punishment or grounded. Or you can take her to the store and have her choose what she'd like to buy. Sometimes it's too much to deal she is only 10 years old your still have the power whether she likes or not weaing the clothes you buy for her. Andrew doesn't care what I have him to wear, but he don't like the clothes not 100% cotton, but boys are very easy to deal, but the talking back is killing me. sarap sapakin minsan ba kaya until now we still give him time out or grounded by not playing hi wii game for a week.

  5. Yes, she's growing up and searching for her identity. I went through the same "fashion" yo-yo with my daughter. And Yes, they do grow up way to fast. I can remember her tiny little toes as a baby. When she was a toddler, I'd hold her in my arms and dance to Wham! and Michael Jackson and she would twirl the hair on the back of my head. I can remember the feeling as if it were yesterday, but it wasn't. She turned 29 in November. Enjoy the time you have cause it really does fly by.

  6. My eldest daughter just turned 10. Same with you I am suffering with the same dilemma :)

  7. @Foong
    Oh definitely no revealing clothes! I remember when my daughter wore a short t-shirt that barely covers her tummy, my husband told her to change. LOL You'll get to this stage sooner or later. You will, right? :o)

    You're still a long ways but you'll get here. LOL

    It's not really scary per se but you get a lot of 'attitude' from them. They're learning to think for themselves and decide what they want and things like that. It's up to us to pull the reigns and put them back to track.

    If it's a special occasion like a party, then I talk her into wearing something nice. I just let her choose whatever she wants if it's just a regular day. I'll have to choose my own battles. I know what you mean by talking back. At their age, they form opinions now and they want to be heard. I find myself having to answer the same question over and over again.

    I can imagine you dancing to Wham. LOL Love them!

    Wow, she's 10 too. I'm glad to know I'm not alone and this 10 year old thing is natural. LOL

  8. Hi Mama,

    It's great to be back... When I was at the same age with your eldest. My Mom and I had the same dilemma. I don't like her styles the clothes that she usually bought for me.

    I suggest that you let her choose what she likes. Try to look at the clothes of her playmates because that is the point of reference of her style. I hope I made a point here.

    Have a great day!!!

  9. Mareng Barb, let A choose the clothes she likes to wear. Ganyan talaga ang mga bata at her age.. I know it's hard for us (mothers) but we have to deal with it:)

  10. my fairy godmama is now getting old?what!!!!kaya mo yan ikaw pa!!!


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