Are You Ready for Some Football (Commercials)?

Okay, let's face it. I'm not that excited to watch this year's Superbowl. Who will be if their favorite team didn't make it? Although to tell you the truth, I'm rooting for the underdog this year. Yup, Go Cardinals! This franchise hasn't won any Superbowl title, wouldn't it be a great story? Dh invited some buddies over so I will be busy in the kitchen whipping up some traditional superbowl fare. I'll be making some Chipotle chicken wings, Nachos Nuevos ala Applebees and Carbonara. So watch out for these yummy recipes to be posted in my food blog.

Anyway, the main reason why I watch the Superbowl is for the half-time show and commercials. This year's half-time performer is the Boss aka Bruce Springsteen. Well, I hope he sings 'Born in the USA' since it's the only song I like from his albums. Now what about the commercials and what's the photo of the 3D glasses above? Well, dh brought it home from work. It's a shameless plug really since dh works for one of the three sponsors of this particular AD. NBC, Intel and Dreamworks will show a trailer from the 3D animated movie 'Monsters & Aliens' which will come out in March. Viewers will need this special 3D glasses to see the effects. This is not just your regular 3D glasses mind you. So what's the difference? From the Intel website:

"Most of the 3D glasses people are used to wearing use a technology called anaglyph, which can create stereoscopic images from opposing colors – usually red and blue – that are slightly offset in order to create the illusion of depth. The problem is that any red and blue colors in the image get filtered, meaning that colors often have to be de-saturated to achieve a believable 3D image.
The new spots use a technology called "ColorCode," which will display a normal-looking 3D image when viewed without the glasses. However, the minute color offsets included in the image will translate into a 3D image when viewed with the glasses on. "

"Instead of (traditional) red and blue lensing, there's a different set of filters that are used" that are better at reproducing color, said David Katzenberg (Dreamworks CEO). "The second thing is a greater level of precision in terms of the broadcast signal--right eye, left eye. The blurry kind of stuff is cleaned up a lot," he said. "

These 3D glasses are available for free at stores like Best Buy and Target (where you can also find nice tv stands.


  1. Have fun kayo bukas mareng barb, nandito kami kay mercy, nag boys night out ang aming mga asawa nanonood ng movie while kami ng karoake, dala ko itong laptop ko para makapagdropping kaso masyadong mahina ang connection dito.

  2. he he he,parehas tayo, commercial lang ang pinapanood,kasi naman di ko maintindihan mabuti yung game na yan, all I know is they trying to kill each other. :D, did you watch yung palabas sa CBS kanina, Superbowl's Greatest Commercial?
    Thanks for the linky love pala.

  3. I'm not very familiar with Superbowl as I don't stay in USA. And talking about football, I prefer the soccer game which is popular everywhere in the world except USA. Don't quite like the American version of football.

    Wow! New 3D glasses? That's new to me! : )

  4. Mareng Barb, salamat sa info. wink* Naka direct link na cya:)

  5. i picked up those glasses at our local shoprite grocery. thanks for reminding me! haha. i just posted something about a banned superbowl commercial, too. :P

  6. @Lanie
    Thanks. Napagod ako tapos ngayon naglalaba naman.

    You're welcome. :o) I missed that show, sayang. I only watch it if my team is playing, biased kasi. LOL

    You're not alone. Almost everyone except for the Americans prefer soccer (or football). :o) The game of soccer has quite a following here, a lot of kids now play it. It's not going to be quite as popular as American football though.
    The new 3D technology is pretty cool. You should take your nephew and niece to this new Monsters and Aliens movie.

    Thanks mareng Ams. :o)

    @Fortuitous Faery
    It's a very racy commercial, I agree.


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