Change is Here

Well, it is finally here. Today at noon, President Obama will take the oath of office the day after Martin Luther King's day. How cool is that? Finally, we will have a president that is of mixed race in the White House. I am happy for my kids because they are just like our president, they are half and half. The president is half white and half black and he is now leading the greatest country in the world. I know that there is still racism and it's a fact of life but electing a president of mixed race is one big feat. I hope that President Obama will do everything that he has promised in his campaign. Good luck Mr. President.


  1. good luck on his power being president of the country and we all hope he will do of what he promise to the nation.

  2. I hope he will turn USA into a well respected country again, and also solve the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Tall order and maybe too much expectation, but still hopeful he will be successful : )

  3. I think he is the man of honor. He will do his part as a president to make his promises possible.

    Have a great weekend Mama!

  4. @Lanie
    That's what I'm hoping too. All we can do now is wait and hope for the best.

    I don't know if he can help solve the Israeli-Palestinian rift. The US government is pro-Israel even though they are saying that they want to stay in the middle. Their actions say otherwise (they provide the military arsenal to Israel and give them $$). This I cannot understand and frankly I am disappointed.

    Thanks Sam!


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