Still Dead Tired

I've been absent from blogging these past few days because I prepared for my daughter's 10th birthday party last weekend. I am dead tired yesterday and still have not recovered fully. This is one of those times where I wish I have some help in the house. I cooked and cleaned all by myself. Phew, I'm glad that I only have two kids and their birthdays are 6 months apart. LOL I cooked a total of 6 dishes: Baked Penne, Barbequed Pork Baby Back Ribs, Osso Buco, Macaroni Salad and Pancit Palabok. I also made Puto(Rice cake) and Leche Flan.

It was just a small celebration with a few close friends and their families. Some family and friends weren't able to make it. My friends Mira of Random Thoughts, Lanie of I Thought So and Lou of The Shutterbug came over despite the weather not cooperating. It took Lou and her family about 3 hours to get to our place because of the weather. Good thing I made Lou the same cake from this post. I promised to give her this cake the next time we see each other. (I hope it was worth the trip Lou! LOL) I think it also took Lanie and family almost the same amount of time because they got behind two snowplows on their way here. This is why I LOVE my friends! :o) Better end this here since I still need to google what a Mesothelioma lawyer is.


  1. Yup no snowstorm can come between good friendship, *wink*. Thanks for the invite, we had a great time!

  2. wow! you cooked a lot of dishes all by yourself! galing mo!

  3. This is what our closeness friendship are, no matter what! darating talaga kami kahit magbagyo. Nakasunod kami ng 7 plows hindi two magpost ako bukas about it. It took us 2 hours drives to get to your place supposed to be only 55 minutes grabe ano. Anyway, mareng barb, thank you so much for having us and the food I brought home ubos na ang palabok pati ang bake penne. Your a great cook..by the way don't forget to post the recipe of your pork. Take plenty of rest and see you around in the blogsphere lol.

  4. yummy! i wish i have a talent like yours =)

    Belated happy birthday to your anak.

  5. Babette, it looks like you all had a wonderful time, I am glad it was a success, but get some rest okay?


  6. Wow Mama I'm happy that you gathered together with your friends. Sorry but I didn't know that you we're too close. Huh lagi ko huli sa balita. hehehe

    Have a wonderful day!!! Always take care of your health...

  7. hi ang sipag talaga ng fairy godmama ko!!!may tira pa ba sa handa?lol

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter. Looks like everyone had a good time. The food sounds great :)

  9. Belated happy birthday to Amber Barb.Ang saya naman nyo,kitang kita sa mga ngiti.Pasensya na if hindi ako nakapagdrop ng ECs these days kasi medyo busy.

  10. Hello Te Barbs.. You're really one heck of a SUPERMOM and a SUPEFRIEND!:) Perhaps y0u're hubby could also say you're a SUPERWIFE! You did amaze me with your personality-- one great ate barb rolled into one..galing2x mo..u did all that? hmmm,hope I could finally get to see you when all else is possible..Thanks for droppin at my page and for sharing a comment too!:)

  11. Wow! So nice to have a small party with close friends. They must be true friends since they took the troubles to attend. So all your cooking and cleaning is worth it. But maybe next time, try to get some help : )

  12. Hey Barb, thanks again for inviting us.

  13. Hi Babette! Thanks for sharing the photos. It's nice to see some blogger friends here like Mira and Lou! Seems like everyone enjoyed the party and the food you prepared!

    Happy belated birthday to your daughter. Ayan, may dalaga ka na! :)

  14. @Daisy
    thanks. It saves a lot of money when I cook it myself. :o)

    Salamat :o)

    Yes, we did. thanks Jodi!

    Oh yeah, I've known Lanie for almost 7 yrs and Mira for about 5 years. They're my closest friends here.

    Eh meron pa, yung Macaroni salad na lang. lOL


  15. @Sue
    thank you! We did have a great time.

    No problem about EC. :o)

    Teka, sobrang sipsip yan ha! LOL

    Yes, it's all worth it. I wish help around here is cheap. :o( My parents and sister live in CA so they're too far. Sometimes I wish they live closer so I can count on them for help. Mira and Lanie have been my friends for a long time. :o)

    Oo nga, pretty soon dalaga na ito. She's 4'9" na malapit na akong maabutan.

    @Mira, Lanie and Lou
    Thanks again for coming ladies!

  16. Nice pics!! tipong enjoy na enjoy kayo ah. Hope to see you soon...


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