PhotoHunt #6 - Hat

Dutch boy costume
Dutch costumeVolendam Museum
This week's PhotoHunt theme is hat(s). When we visited The Netherlands last summer, we went to a small fishing village called Volendam. It's a touristy place with many shops selling souvenirs and such. There are also a couple of places where one can have their photo taken wearing a traditional Dutch costume. On my daughter is a Dutch cap or Dutch bonnet. This is usually made of white cotton or lace. It is sometimes characterized by triangular flaps or wings that turn up on either side.


  1. They look more polite when wearing this Dutch Cap ;)

  2. they look amused by the entire experience.

  3. The look like they are having a good time. I love the yellow wooden shoes.

    If you have time stop by my photo hunt.

    JyLnC - Hats

  4. Great pictures that fit this week's PhotoHunt theme very well.

    By the way, over at my blog I'm starting a new photo-meme for Sundays based on my Sunday Scenery posts. The details can be found on the Sunday Scenery Photo Meme page on my blog. I hope you'll consider joining the fun.

  5. That is so lovely pictures, keep it up and check out also mine! Enjoy your weekend TC :)

  6. Cute cute cute! What a Dutch treat!

  7. That would be very interesting to go there I think, and the photos are so darn cute. Babette, I hope you and the family have a wonderful weekend.


  8. I just love these photos. they are so cute.

  9. How cute they looks. Are the shoes really made of wood?

  10. ang cute naman niya..Mama Barbs kahawig niya pala si Catherine Ricci yung sa Adams Family. Catherine nga ba yun o Katrina?

  11. @Bintang
    LOL Thank goodness they are polite even without the hats.

    They were amused especially my little boy; he wanted to bring the costume with us.

    Yes, they did, we all did. My husband and I dressed up too.

    Yes, the Dutch bonnet is unique.

    I will, thanks for the invite.

    @Meta, Melli, Jodi, Carlota, Cats Goats
    Thank you!

    Yes, the shoes are made of wood and have to padding inside. It is hard and uncomfortable. I cannot imagine how they walked on those every day.

    Oh yeah, it's Christina Ricci. :o)


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