Happy Birthday to a Dear Friend

Vicky @ Kaiserslautern Happy Birthday to my dear friend Vicky. I met her through
blogging years ago. We became good friends and corresponded
through email and phone calls. I got a chance to meet her
in person when we went to Germany last summer. It was
great to finally meet her after all these years. This photo
was taken in the Japanese garden in Kaiserslautern.


  1. Happy birthday Vicky, wish you in good health, blessing and happines through the years to come. Good for you both meeting her in person. I wish to met her and her family someday.

    Mareng barb here's the tag awards for you http://www.gingging38.com/2009/01/triple-awards-sisters-good-friends-and.html

  2. wow sulit pala ang pagpunta mo doon nakilala mo na sya n person.siiiiigh!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Vicki! Goodhealth & more blessings:)


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