Cute or Not, I'm Using It

I wrote about what I received from dh for Christmas here. One of my gifts is a pair of flannel PJs since I love wearing it during winter. There is a big BUT because this PJs is decorated with white polar bears with different color scarfs. LOL Dh told me that I can exchange it with something I like since he kept the receipt. Apparently, the other PJs he saw at Kohl's are either too bright or he doesn't like the design. So, this PJs sat in it's box for almost a month. Should I return it or not? Well, the other day, I decided that I'm going to use it. It's just a pair of PJs and no one except for my family will see me wearing it. It's just like getting a gift from my kids, even though it's only a couple of dollars or better yet, one of their art projects, I still hang it prominently in the house. It's the thought that counts right? Just don't ask me to go out of the house wearing it. LOL


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