What Else is Next?

First it was the fridge, then the stove, now it's the vacuum cleaner. Well, looking at the bright side, at least the pattern here is the cost is getting lower. Nonetheless, it still costs money. I was cleaning the area rugs in the dining and living rooms when the vacuum cleaner went kaput. This is the second time it broke. The first time, I ordered a new belt online and got it working again. Now, dh said that another belt from a diffferent part of the vacuum needs replacing. Considering the cost of the belt plus the shipping and handling charges (some companies charge too much even though the item is light and small!) wouldn't it be more cost effective to purchase a new vacuum cleaner? Grrr, there goes the savings for a new washer and dryer. I've been saving $ for these appliances but it always end up being spent for something else. What do you think of the Dyson vacuum cleaner? I heard from my friend that it really is a very good vacuum cleaner. They have a dog and she said that it is the only one that can pick up pet hair and dirt like no other vacuum cleaner can.


  1. I wanted to recommend to you the Dyson vacuum cleaner cause we wanted to buy that long time ago when we have carpet around the house. We known that brand name of the vacuum from my sister in law in Easton that Dyson is really good and last years.

  2. Honey I am sorry that everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. I hope you have a much better tomorrow. I also have the Dyson, not one problem with it, (knock on wood)!


  3. same problem I have here. We have an old vacuum cleaner and we keep on replacing the belt. It's good that belt is available in our local repair shops.


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