"Best Pig Ever" - Anthony Bourdain

That's a direct quote from Anthony Bourdain. The No Reservations episode that I've been waiting for years finally was shown last night on the Travel channel. I've been watching this show for years and even blogged about it here. Tony Bourdain has been all over Asia except the Philippines. I was ecstatic when I read from Market Manila, a foodie blog, that the show just finished filming in Cebu. The blogger, Market Man, had the honor of preparing a sumptuous feast of Filipino food including Lechon (roast pig).

IAnthony Bourdainn the show, Tony B. went to Manila, Pampanga and Cebu. He tried fish balls, Pancit Malabon, Pinakbet, Shrimp Adobo, Crab with coconut milk, Pinapaitan, Sinigang and Sisig. He loved Sisig, he couldn't stop praising how good and delicious it is. When he was in Cebu, Market Man hired the best Lechon roaster in the island. This guy clearly is one of the best if not the best since the lechon was perfectly roasted. They tasted the Lechon skin and you can literally hear the crackling of the skin when they bite onto it. No wonder it's the best pig ever, according to Tony B. He even blogged about it here where he said that the Philippines has the #1 spot on the best roast pig. #2 and 3 is Bali, Indonesia and Puerto Rico respectively.
I am so looking forward to our vacation this summer to the Philippines. We are planning to go to Cebu for a week and I will get to eat the best pig ever. yummy!
** No Reservations: Philippines will be shown on the Travel Channel on these dates and times (Eastern)
- Feb. 18 @ 1 PM
- Feb. 22 @ 10 AM
- Feb. 23 @ 11 AM
- Feb. 23 @ 5 PM
- Mar. 2 @ 8 PM T
- Mar 3 @ 12 AM


  1. Hi Mama,

    I like the Cebu's lechon and longanisa. It's so delicious but we need to eat in moderation. Cholesterol are so high in this kind of food. Kaya lang ang sarap eh...

    Have a great day!!!

  2. Yay, did I miss it, or is it yet to be shown 'tonight' 2/17? I want hb to see that too. Yeah lechon from Cebu is really the best, I remember asking friends to buy the whole lechon for us whenever they visit there, while still in Manila.

  3. @Sam
    You're right about cholesterol! I guess it's a good thing that Lechon is hard to come by here in our state. LOL

    Ooops, you missed it! I should've said last night. No worries though, you can still see it since they have reruns of past episodes on the Travel channel.

  4. Sounds like a great show. Crab with coconut milk sounds yummy. I have never had this kind of food before. It would be interesting to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. When it comes to Lechon , we are the best!
    As much as I want to, I just can't say no to eating Lechon..my fave part is the ribs..salty and full of flavor! nakakasira ng diet!

    have a great day ^_^

  6. Hi Babette! Inspite of being so exhausted after Daniel's birthday party, Dana and I stay tuned last night and watched No Reservations. We really enjoyed watching the show, but it made us "crave" lechon sooooooo much and other pinoy food that were shown there like sisig and pinapaitan. Oh my.....we can't wait to go home...soon!!!

    Debbie :)

  7. Hi Babette.
    The little pigs are delicious. Here in Portugal we also cook them in a special way, we call the little pig "Leitão". There´s a speciality from our center region called "Leitão à Bairrada", my hubby is a big fan.
    Been away from EC for two days, sorry for not returning your drops.
    Good Tuesday!

  8. Roast pig! So delicious! Didn't know Phillipines has the best roast pig!

  9. wow ang sarap ng balat when kaya ako makakain ulit ng Filipino roast pig, kaso pagnasa atin naman tayo di naman tayo makakain ng marami dahil subrang taba at you know cholesterol, pero alam mo pwede mag-order ng lechon dito sa KAM MAN kaso lang mahal 35lbs is $245 masarap rin yong balat at laman.

  10. The lechon looks absolutely delicious! The skin looks mighty crispy! yummy. ugh, it's making my mouth water. =)

  11. Sarap ng balat nyan at salamat narin dahil wala na kami sa Pinas dahil hubby ko naku gusto yan araw-arawin.

  12. mareng barb, pwede i-take home ko ang isang lechon mo:)


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