Check My New Ride

Uh, in my dreams that is. LOL What do you think about this new car? It's called Aptera 2e and is currently in production. They already received 4000 deposits for this car. If you want to get one for yourself, better send in your deposit. The cost is not determined yet but it will be between $25,000 - $40,000. It is an electric car which you can charge from your home outlet (110-volt). It's supposed to run about 100 miles with a full charge.

This is just a prototype. I don't know what the final body will look like. I hope it's going to look like a regular car, not like a car that looks like it came out of a Jetson's movie. LOL It's a great concept, no gas, just electricity. If they will have a regular car body on the same engine, then I'm sure dh will get one. Right now he's driving a Honda Civic Hybrid and he saves $ on gas. So what do you think? Will you get one for yourself if the car looks exactly like this?


  1. Mareng Barb, I've seen it yesterday too.. sabi ko kay JP ito na ang dream car ko. lol*

  2. mareng barb, it look like a whale and it's funny looking, how many person can ride maybe only two. Naku pagnagdrive tayo nito para na tayong nasa ibang planeta lol

  3. I don't think I'll get a car like this - attracts way too much attention! : )

    Btw, you are tagged : )

  4. Wow. It looks totally futuristic and totally cool. I so want one.

  5. I think it looks cool, if I had the money I'd buy one. this and the smartcar :)

  6. You got me there! My jaws almost dropped I thought oh my! What an awesome car you have!

    I came here looking for the Mommy Moments entry but can't find it love browsin your blog though.

    Hope you can visit mine too :) Happy weekend!


  7. LOL that is quite an interesting car design, I remember in high school in interior design class we would draw up things like this and have to make them out of clay for our assignments.

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  8. WOW ang unigue nmn ng car na yan..cheguro mahal yan LOL.


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