February Top 25 EC Droppers

I'd like to thank all of my Entrecard droppers for this month. I've put up the list of my top 10 droppers in the right sidebar. I would also like to acknowledge the next top 15 droppers in this post. Even though February only has 28 days, it shows my top 10 dropped a total of 31 and 30 days. There might be others who didn't miss a day this month but still didn't make it. I know how frustrating it is not to make it to the top 10 especially if you just missed a couple of days, believe me, I've been there countless times. So here are the rest of my wonderful EC droppers.

Thank you for all your drops. I haven't been the best dropper this month. There were a lot of stuff in my household that needed attention. I'll try my best to get back to my usual EC schedule next month.


  1. Sunday Visit!
    Congrats to all EC Droppers mentioned above!
    Take care :]

  2. Thanks for being the top droppers in February miss. Happy Sunday!


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