Why Can't She Break It Off?

I was flabbergasted when I heard that Rihanna has reconciled with her abusive/batterer boyfriend Chris Brown. What is she thinking? Well, obviously, she's not thinking! Why did she go back to this guy who just weeks before left her battered and bruised. Did you see THE photo? My goodness. What's even unbelievable is the statement from Rihanna's father. He said that he supports her in whatever decision she makes. Uh, hello! Aren't parents supposed to guide and give advice to their sons and daughters especially at times where they seem to have lost their minds? This is just mind boggling for me. I was disappointed with her decision because I thought that she's going to set an example to her fans that abuse is NOT OKAY.


  1. Payong Kaibigan umbrella elah elah eww eww eww

  2. @Mightydacz
    Roland, di ko ma-gets. LOL Thanks for dropping by. :o)

  3. I didn't know Chris Brown could be so abusive. But I liked his songs. Perhaps Rihanna loved him too much and forgave him.

  4. yikes to her! lol i don't get her as well! walang utak talaga. well, maybe because the rumor that she's pregnant is true kaya bumalik kay chris brown? ewwww! lol

  5. Lakas ata nang tama nito Mama Barbs eh kaya stickwittu hehe

  6. Somehow I feel hollywood stars have a lot of things going on behind the scenes. Who really knows why Chris Brown and now Rihanna did what they did? Sad to say many of them are not the best of examples.

  7. @Foong
    Could be. This happens too often, abused women go back to their abuser, very sad.

    @Rare Jonrez
    Totoo nga, very artistic pero di ginagamit ang utak.

    Ginayuma ata. LOL

    That's true but why go back together with someone who has hurt you. Masochist maybe?

  8. babette, those 'siew pao' you saw in my blog are not mooncakes. You can read more about it and the recipe from here : )

  9. She is really out of her mind and because of her foolish love to Chris, that is why, she do it again.

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  10. If it was true, she made a really bad decision. I thought she would be the spokesperson for battered women but not anymore. After the incident her career and record sales really went up and Chris' plummeted. I just hope they're not going back together just to save Chris' career.


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