I Bid on EBay and Now I'm Rattled

Is it just me or do you also feel nervous when you bid on EBay? Uggh! Last night, I placed a bid on a set of 8 place settings plus other extra pieces of china for a total of 47 pieces. It's the same pattern of china that I currently have. Right now, I only have 8 place settings and I wanted to add 4 more for a complete set. I am crossing my fingers and hope that I win the bidding. The highest bid is currently at $86. That is a great price for this lot considering one place setting costs more or less $75. When dh and I chose a china pattern for our gift registry, we didn't care for the brand or price. We looked at the design and chose the one that we loved the most. We settled on a beautiful china with scalloped edge and gold band and a delicately applied white lace design on ivory pattern. My china is almost complete except for 4 more place settings and a coffee server. Now I have to wait for two days. I hate this waiting part, it's too long. Anyway, all I can do right now is wait, pace around the house LOL and hope for the best.


  1. you have a nice set of your china wear, good luck on bidding. I remember bidding on ebay long time ago and I am kind of nervous, but that is normal specially a lot of scam online even in ebay. My sister in law said, careful what your trying to bid on ebay. She always bid for jewellry, coach and even use car.

  2. I hate the wait too, but I love to do eBay. I am going to pray you get it girlfriend, cuz you deserve it by golly.


  3. bonne chance Barb!!! hope ikaw ang manalo.Ako din minsan nag e-ebay :) minsan nakakafrustrate lang pag maraming bidders na nagkakainteres sa item pero ang saya ng feeling pag ikaw ang nananalo :)

  4. haha! good luck sis! don't forget to place the maximum amount you're willing to pay on the last 7 seconds of the of the auction. it worked for me all the time! :)

  5. @Lanie
    That's why it's good to pay using PayPal since they cover scams. I don't think I'll buy a used car or jewelry on Ebay though.

    Thanks girlfriend! I hope I win!

    That's true, it's hard if there are a lot of bidders. There's only 3 of us bidding on this item. I hope I get the upper hand. Tomorrow morning ang end ng bidding. We'll see.

    @Rare JonRez
    Wow, thanks for the tip. That's a great strategy. Right now I just found out I've been outbid. I'll wait until the bidding is near it's end to put in my highest bid. thanks again sis!


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