The Bachelor...Oh No, Not Again!

I knew it! While watching the finale of The Bachelor, where Jason just dumped Molly, I had the feeling that he made a huge mistake. There is something about Melissa that just rubs me the wrong way. Well, I'm watching the After the Final Rose show right now and classy, she is not. I have to give props to Jason, he could've just pretended that everything is perfect just like what the previous bachelors did but he didn't. He said that after spending the last six weeks with Melissa, he realized that he made the wrong decision. He thought that he loved her more than Molly but this was not the case. Well, he probably saw Melissa's real personality. (Note to Melissa: He's just not into you, sorry.) Jason said that he just couldn't stop thinking about Molly. (Uh, hello,can I say L-O-V-E?) *sigh* Truth be told, I only watch the beginning and the last couple of episodes of this show. I got tired of all the drama between the girls, etc. Anyway, I really hope that Jason finds the perfect woman for him (*cough*, Molly) and break this Bachelor jinx. The show is still going on so I have no idea if Molly will take him back. Being the hopeless romantic, I hope they have a happy ending.

** Well, I'm happy to add that she took him back. You can tell from the way Jason acted that he is really in love with this woman. *sigh again*. Time will tell.

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  1. Geez, you were fast, I was gonna write about this too, lol.

    I was so upset that Jason chose Melissa over Molly, I felt she was not the right one for him, she's so shallow and boring I'd say. Molly was more exciting and mysterious, and intellectual. Anyway, honestly I was hoping Molly would not take him back but obviously she did. Lucky Jason had a backup girl when things won't turn out good with the first one right? But, yeah, I hope that Molly is really 'the one' and would be a great stepmom for his son. only time will tell.


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