Square Root
For all math geeks out there, HAPPY SQUARE ROOT DAY! :o) Translation for the mathematically challenged: Tuesday is 03/03/09, simply put, the square root of 9 is 3 (3 x 3 = 9).

This only happens nine times every 100 years. If you're on Facebook, you can even become a fan of the square root or a fan of the square root day. I am on Facebook but I did not become a fan of the square root. I prefer to keep my square root obsession private. ha ha


  1. haha that's cool! I am a fan of the square root

  2. Mama Barbs. Add kita sa Facebook huh?

  3. Happy Square Root day? LOL! Is there a Happy Algebra Day? :-)

  4. @Penny
    Oh yeah, I remember you love numbers too! :o)

    Sure! I tried adding you but I couldn't find you on FB. Ikaw na lang mag-add sa akin.

    I actually searched on Google but there's no Algebra Day. LOL That's sad. :o( ha ha

  5. First time I heard of such a thing! How about Happy Infinity Day, or Happy Theta Day, or Happy Subset Day? Haha!

  6. @Foong
    Wait, let me google it. LOL I read in another blog that the next one will be on September 9, 2081


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