I Won John Wright's Painting!

Yay! I won this original painting titled " Outside the pavilion, Whitby" by UK artist John Wright. I blogged about his Win an Original Painting Competition last month here. I was hoping I'd win his competition because I love, love, love his paintings. I love visiting his blog and see his beautiful artwork. I was ecstatic when I read on his blog that I was the winner. I think I let out a small scream. LOL This is better than winning EC credits, well, for me at least. I already have a spot for this beautiful painting in my living room. I plan to put this up on the wall beside the fireplace.

For those who want to purchase an original artwork, John has a shop on Etsy. His wife Maeve is also a wonderful artist and has her own Etsy shop. From John's Etsy shop "I paint mostly landscapes and coastal scenes in acrylics, pastels and watercolours, but I like to experiment with other subjects and media." John has a competition every month so you'd better subscribe to his feed so you won't miss it and visit often. http://johnwrightart.blogspot.com/

To John, thank you so much!


  1. Wow, cool! :oD

    I also subscribed to john wright after reading your post =D

  2. Hello there, I just wanna let you know that I'm the 3rd winner in spread the love giveaway Winner,.. I'm here to send you my EC link:http://entrecard.com/details/112002

  3. clap!clap!clap! congratz (mabruk in arabic)lol

  4. wow conngrats!!! ganda nmn ng napanakunan mo =) hehehe kakainggit!! random yan? once p lng ako nanalo sa mga contest s blogosphere and i love the prize tlga heheh =) enjoy ur prize!!!
    nwei re sa paypal scammers, napuntahan ko ung link, nag direct sya sa paypal tpos mag la log in k p nga eh....pero nung ankita ko andmi hinihingi naghinala ako lalu hehehe =)

  5. wow congratulation mareng barb, good for you and your very lucky that painting is beautiful.


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