The Octuplet's Mom

I saw this piece on Good Morning America where they have the interview with the grandmother of the octuplets. I'm sure you all know about this news story since it's all over the place. I feel bad for the grandmother. She said that she has been the primary caregiver of the other six children that her daughter (Nadya Suleman) already had, one of which has Autism. According to her, Nadya has not given her monetary support for the children. She and her husband talked to the doctor before the implant and asked him not to do it since their daughter already has six children and no means of support. They showed pictures of the house and it's already crowded! I think that this person, Nadya Suleman has some screws missing up there. She has no job and is on permanent disability which means the state is giving her money. She already received about $165K. She obviously is just thinking of herself. She didn't even think of the risks involved in multiple births like cerebral palsy and other health problems.

So aside from the cost of the fertility treatments, where did she spend the money since she hasn't contributed to her children's care? It could be that she spent it on plastic surgery. Uhuh, you read that right. They showed photos of her on GMA and she doesn't look the same. It's obvious that she's had a lot of surgery done on her face. I remember they talked about this in one TV show, they said it seems like she's trying to look like Angelina Jolie. Couldn't this story get more bizarre?


  1. I do not understand this either. It seems completely crazy to me.

  2. I think she is crazy having a lot of children that much and it's like she wanted to have a lot of help from the government.

  3. i was shocked when i read the news online.

  4. It's good to have many children provided that you can give their needs and care them.But if you neglect them,rather have nothing if you can't even support them.

    BTW,few weeks ago,I saw on TV,they featured a family that has 18 or 19 children.

  5. She is so weird. I wonder why there are mom or parents with that kind of thinking and attitude, so self-centered. Giving birth is a wonderful gift, a gift of giving life and with this as moms/parents we should be the one to take care of them and their welfare should always come first. I hope the government can do something for the kids and for their future and for the mom and dad I think its better that they should visit a doctor they might need some mental support.


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