What To Give a Tween?

My daughter is now a tween. I think tween years is between 10 and 12 years old. The age where they're not a kid anymore but they're not a teenager either. It's an awkward stage I think. I remember when I was at this stage, I didn't want to wear little girl clothes anymore but my mom said I'm too young to wear teen clothes. Another problem at this stage is buying gifts. What do you get kids this age? They don't play with dolls although my daughter does not want to part with her toys. When my daughter gets invited to her classmates' birthday parties, I get this problem on what gifts to buy. Since I volunteer in the library where I see her and her classmates, I usually ask what they want for their birthday or what they're into. Sometimes, I opt to buy craft kits like scrapbooking and rubber stamp kits. For boys, maybe some Pokemon cards if they're into that or some Bakugan toys. How about lotions and body sprays? Any ideas on what gifts to give tweens?


  1. We give gift cards to Gamestop (video game store), Blockbuster or Target. You can get them in any amount. I figure it's a good gift because usually I'm not the only parent who thought of it and that way the kid can combine them and get an expensive game or several used games.

  2. That's a good idea Lola since most kids nowadays have a video game system. Kids these age are also picky so with gift cards they will not be disappointed.


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