PhotoHunt #10 - Thankful

With all the foreclosures around the country, I am thankful that we didn't go over our heads when we built our house many years ago. Unlike other homeowners who took out jumbo mortages and bought Mc Mansions, dh and I built a house that we can afford. I know that it's tempting to sign off on that loan and live in a big house but why live beyond your means and have lots of stress just to impress other people? JMHO


  1. I totally agree with you. That's one of the reason why we are all in this mess right now. Nice house.

  2. tama ka dyan mareng Barb:)

  3. @Jaime
    Thanks. :o)

    @Carlotz and Amy
    Amen too!

    Thank you! :o)


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