Top Chef Finale

Bravo TV's Top Chef is one of my fave reality show and last night was the season finale. The last three chefs that remained where Carla, Hosea and Stefan. Among these three chefs, Stefan has won the most challenges. He is good although he has a rough personality. Sometimes I think he's so full of himself and other times I think that he just knows he is good that it comes off as obnoxious. Carla is my favorite contestant this season. She first started slow but gained steam on the second half of the season. I love her interviews, it shows her wonderful personality, very friendly and down to earth. She has this big, brown eyes that lights up like a led light bulb when she's excited. I'm sure it would be fun when you spend a day with her. Hosea meanwhile, is your low-key, shy kind of guy. A complete opposite of Stefan.
All season long, I feel like Hosea is competing against Stefan first, the rest of the chefs second. Hosea feels that Stefan is the one to beat since he keeps on winning the challenges. He was right though since at the finale it all came down between him and Stefan. With Carla, I was disappointed that she went along with the suggestion of her sous chef, former Top Chef contestant Kacey. This was her downfall in my opinion. Carla should've stuck with her original menu and not go along with Kacey's suggestions since the first dish wasn't cooked properly and the souffle didn't turn out good. Because of this, Carla was out of the running for the title.
It all came down to the men's last dish; they have to cook a three-course meal and Stefan made a so-so dessert while Hosea, knowing that desserts is not his strong suit, opted to make another entree which wowed the judges. If they had to judge the chefs according to their accomplishments the whole season, then Stefan would've surely won. On this show though, they're judged by the last meal they made and Hosea won hands down. He received $100,000 and according to him, he will put up his own business.


  1. Babette, I just wanted to say hello to one of my favorite people. I am up and around a little today so I wanted to say I have missed you.



  2. Hi Babette, I have a tag for you. pag nagka chance ka pwede mo itong icheck. here's the link: http://dhoyblog.blogspot.com/2009/02/love-ya-award.html Thanks. TC :)

  3. I've never seen this show before. But I enjoyed a show called Hell's Kitchen. Have you seen it before?

  4. Parehas po pala tayong mahilig manood ng mga cooking shows. =]

  5. @Jodi
    Nice to see you up and about Jodi. I hope you're well on your way to good health. :o)

    It was nice meeting you and your family at Mira's. Thanks for the tag.

    This show is way better than Hell's Kitchen. I watch that show too and in my opinion, the quality of the chefs at Top Chef is higher than Hell's Kitchen. You can watch past episodes of this show at BravoTV.com.

    Hello dear, oo, I like to watch these kind of shows pati na yung mga cooking show sa Food Network.


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