John Wright's painting I received the watercolor painting I won from John Wright's blog earlier this week. I was so happy when I saw it in person. Beautiful is an understatement. The photos I posted a month ago and this photo does not do it justice. I love the colors that he used; different hues of yellows and blues. This will be hung on the wall near the fireplace. Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect frame for this painting. I'm thinking of a simple silver frame or should I choose an ornate frame for this? John has a contest every month, visit his blog for more info.
Now on to more mundane stuff. I wasn't able to do much blogging these past couple of days. I was working on the invites for my parent's wedding anniversary party in the Philippines this summer. I thought I was finished but I was wrong. I decided to change one part of the invitation so that meant more work for me. I also had to deal with my 401K since my old company was bought by another company. I had to read all the info and decide if I want to change investment companies. It's not fun at all although having the internet makes it much easier, just like looking online for term life insurance quotes. I also added my son as a beneficiary which I kept meaning to do for a long time. This also reminded me to update our wills and medical directives. Having these are very important especially if you have young kids, so you should consider having it done.

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  1. what a beautiful artwork you've got there!


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