Penmanship Tag

This is a tag from Chris of Mommy Journey. :o) Thanks for the tag Chris.
As you can see, I prefer to write in print. I am more comfortable writing in print than in cursive. I started it in fifth grade, I think. I write faster this way.
Here are the instructions:
1. Write down who tagged you.
2. Answer these:
- your name / username / pseudo
- right-handed or left-handed?
- your favorite letters to write?
- your least favorite letters to write?
Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
3. Tag five persons: Lanie, Amy, Mira, Joy, Shy

Feel free to grab this tag too if you want to play. Now I'm off to look for cheaper auto insurance.


  1. Thanks for this tag BFF, it will be parked in my draft for now ;-) Have a great weekend.

  2. Nice handwriting, Babette! But do you always write everything in capital letters? : )

  3. WOW, you have a very nice hand writing Babette!

    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. Barb, I've got an award for you in my bravejournal blog, pls grab it when you get the chance. I'm sure tulog ka na so sweet dreams ;-)

  5. Thanks everyone. Foong, yes, I write everything in capital letters. :o)

  6. Mareng barb, ganda ng handwriting mo! salamat sa tag.. ayayay!! makita na jud ako penmanship ani ba:)

  7. Here's mine mareng barb.


  8. Mareng barb, done posting the tag here:http://www.kalidadis.com/2009/04/penmanship-tag.html


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