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Kreativ Blogger Award Thanks to Trish of Tripping Over My Tongue for this Kreativ Blogger award. Sorry for the delay, I was checking my draft folder when I saw this. Better late than never. :o)

The rules:
List 6 things that make you happy.
Pass the award on to 6 bloggers for Kreativ (creative).
Link to the blogger who gave you the award.
Link to the blogs receiving the award.
Notify the recipients.

Ok, it goes without saying that my family makes me happy. So for this one, I'm listing 'things'.
1. Very good dimsum
2. Belgian chocolates
3. Well-made bags that lasts forever
4. Perfect weather - temps in the low 70s
5. Gadgets that make life easier for me
6. My Dell XPS M1210 with 2GB memory which is way faster than any wholesale computers - makes my blogging life easy.

I'm giving this award to the following bloggers . No pressure to play along and follow the rules; besides, rules are made to be broken (sometimes). :o)

John Wright of John Wright's Art Blog
Carlota of My Web Blog Designs
Yen of Yen's Handmades
Rose of
All About Cakes
Cen of Cen's Loft


  1. Congratulations and a great list too!!

    happy weekend,

  2. Oh, you love dimsum? Which makes you happier, dim sum or Belgian chocs? haha!

  3. @Shinade
    Thanks for dropping by Jackie! :o)

    Uhmm, Dimsum first, the Belgian chocolates comes a very close second! ha ha

  4. Congratulations!! Thank you so much for passing it to me, it is much appreciated!!
    Your list of things that make you happy could ahve been writen by me....my Pc is even a Dell!! Lol!!
    Thanks again.

  5. Hi Barb! thanks for the tag! I will play this one!
    have a great weekend!

  6. Thank you Sweetie. I am sorry I did not get to comment until now. It has been a difficult couple of weeks, family wise. Congrats on you receiving the award. You deserve it. I love your site.
    Thank you again. Happy Easter

  7. Thank you Sweetie for the award. And congrats on you receiving it. You deserve it. Your blog is awesome. Sorry it took so long to comment. It has been a very frantic couple of weeks in my life. Thank you again. I will post soon. Fondly, DCRose

  8. Thanks as always ms Babette. Na post ko pala to March 28th http://www.myweb-blog.com/2009/03/kreativ-blogger.html

    Have a blessed Easter sa inyo. hUgs!


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