Did You Go Dark Last Night?

If you have no idea what I meant, then the answer would be 'no'. 8:30-9:30PM last night was Earth Hour. People who participated switched off their lights for one hour. You can read more about it from the website http://www.earthhour.org/ . We switched off the lights and turned off TVs and computers. "What now?" That's what my daughter asked when Earth Hour started. LOL So what did we do? We sat in the living room which was lit up with candles and the kids' flashlights. Dh and I made up silly and scary stories. My 4-year old son also tried his hand in story telling T with a lanternalthough his main character were the gingerbread boy and the gingerbread girl because his favorite book was the Gingerbread Boy. Then came the time when my son had to use the bathroom. He ran and turned on the light and we all screamed "No!!!" then dh ran and turned it off. LOL It was funny, dh went in with him with the flashlight in hand. It was a fun hour for all of us for sure. How was yours?


  1. Funny! Your son should have used his flashlight, baka naman nakalimutan, hehe. At least the whole family had fun bonding last night.

    OUrs was very exhausting. We had a very long trip from MO and we just got home last night.
    Thanks alot btw for the birthday greeting. Appreciate it so much!

    Debbie :)

  2. wow, u had an awesome earth our participation! i wish we have done our part as well. kaso, it was our chatting time sa mga loved ones in pinas. sunday morning doon and 8:30pm naman dito. trust me, i had more than 5 windows in my YM kasi dami kong ka-chat! lol next time nalang yung participation namin.

    as for the birthday, oh yeah, i had a serene and very peaceful celebration. there are good foods but not a lot of people to partake 'em. lol ok na ok, i finally turned 26 years old na! :P thank you sa greetings, ha?

    and oh... how did you know our anniversary is coming up? hmmm....

  3. Buti pa kau nkatulong hehe..Kami hindi kasi we was attend a wedding event then nkauwi na kami almost 11 in the evening..Ok lng ako te, kw musta??

  4. feeling ko di nagparticipate ang Canada,i've seen the video on Yahoo.
    btw, I have a Smart Blogger Award for you. :)

  5. Didn't do much that day. Hehe.

  6. Looks like you had lots of fun! I had fun too until the mosquitoes attacked! Then I had to switch on the fan, but still kept the lights off. Haha!

    It's nice to tell ghost stories in the dark!! : )

  7. we did participate on the earth hour, but nag iwan kame ng isang ilaw kase takot mga kids :)

    my first born who loves watching TV, hindi muna nanood instead nilibang ang sarili nya sa pag rock en roll LOL

    Make or Break


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