Photo Hunt #11 - Space

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This week's Photo Hunt theme is SPACE. These photos were taken in the Deutsches Museum of Science and Technology in Munich, Germany.

My son, who wants to be an astronaut when he grows up was so excited when he got to the space exhibit in this museum.  He saw an actual space capsule, US astronaut space suit and other related materials.  


  1. Great shots! Your son looks like he had a great time.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Photohunters: Space

  2. He sure looks like he's enjoying his museum visit.
    My Space

  3. wow! this is a cool place! It looks like your son is enjoying the tour.

  4. He looks like he's having fun!

    I played too :)

  5. He looks like he's having fun! :)

    Mine is up too!
    Happy weekend :)

  6. That is an happy litlt fellow - and I understand him so well! What a great experiance :)

    Have a nice day :)

  7. Your son wants to be an astronaut? That's cool, but he has to be really healthy and fit! otherwise may not pass the test to qualify for the post of astronauts. Haha!

  8. nice photos of tyler with the in the space, my post this week theme at http://www.langging.com/2009/03/photo-hunter-2-space.html

  9. Nice photos Mareng Barb, parang nag enjoy talaga si Tyler:)

  10. visiting a museum is always a fun-learning experience.

  11. hello there. just like your cute baby boy, i have been dreaming of becoming an astronaut when i was little. obviously, i did not become one. instead, i become a pharmacist - something i never regret becoming.

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    thanks again for being a friend!

  12. Thanks for viewing my 'space' photo hunters. :o)

    He's still young so we'll never know what he's going to be. LOL The other day he told me he wants to be a doctor. You're right about the stringent rules to be accepted in the program. I dated someone who wasn't accepted because he's wearing eyeglasses even though he passed the other requirements.

  13. That's a really cook space exhibit. Glad your son had a wonderful time. His expression says it all.


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