All Systems Go

Well, I finally did it. I purchased our plane tickets to the Philippines for the summer. I've been dilly-dallying these past couple of months. I knew that the fares weren't going up because of the economy so I wasn't worried about that. I'm glad that I waited because I was able to get a low fare. The kids and I will be leaving on the last week of June and dh will just follow two weeks after. My good friend Lanie will leave the week before us, too bad we don't have the same departure date. I hope I'll get to meet a fellow blogger, Samantha (take note my dear!). I also booked our stay at the Shangrila Mactan. Oh boy, the prices are comparable to a New York City hotel! I do hope they live up to high expectations. While I'm there, I'm going to buy a couple of eyeglasses. My mom is a retired optometrist so she still has some connections over there. I always get great deals everytime. How about you, do you find yourself buying tons of stuff in the Philippines to bring back here in the US?


  1. Hi Barb, tipong long vacation yan ah. enjoy. I'm pretty sure you'll love Shangri-La. I worked at shangri-la Makati (back office) talagang sulit ang bayad mo. Enjoy. :)

  2. Hello Babette! Visiting you here from Manaoag!
    I also did the same thing, Daniel and I left first, and Dana will follow after 16 days. We will all come back together there in the states
    So far, we're enjoying our stay here inspite of the super hot weather. Daniel's coping with the heat so well, and i'm so thankful that he hasn't been sick yet...I hope he won't get sick!
    And yes....I already have a long list of stuffs to bring back in the US... :)


  3. Mareng barb, sayang ano di tayo magkasabay, I will be meeting Sam in Manila, but I don't have hotel room reservation yet. I'd like to stay closer to the airport. I am thinking to bring back here dilis, danggit and dried pusit hopefully makabili ako nga masarap dried fish yon ang request ng friends ko.


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