An Award from My BFF

Certified Queen of Blogs


Ok, I know, this is the nth award I've posted here but I hope you all don't mind. I love my friends and just like the computer game Diner Dash, my heart points increases everytime they pass on an award. :o) This is from my BFF Mira of Mira's Web Journal. Thank you! *hugs* The rules for this award can be found here.

Now, drum roll please. LOL I am giving this Certified Queen of Blogs award to one of my favorite blogger, Joy from down under. She definitely deserves to be a Queen of Blogs. She has many blogs and it is all updated frequently. I admire that about her. From her blog about living in AU, blog about her kids, blog about health where she writes about tips on staying healthy to info about hair loss treatments, blog about love and relationships, blog about beauty and fashion and other topics. To my friend Joy, a Certified Queen of Blogs. :o)


  1. Thanks for doing the tag bff!

  2. OMG! Mama Barbs naman..sobra nahiya naman ako dito sa post mo...di ko carry almost whew! Thank you very much Mama Barbs.

  3. Ay Mama Barbs..pa update pala joydob link ko into joy-dob..mwuah!


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