Club Stores = Savings?

We have been members of club stores for a long time. When I was single and living in California with my family, I signed up with Costco. We bought big cans and boxes of coffee, creamer, sugar substitutes, chocolates, shampoo and soap to send to my brother and other relatives in the Philippines. Now that I have my own family, we are still a member although with a different club store. BJ's club is more convenient for us, it's only a 10 minute drive. So do we save money by going to a club store? Of course. I know some people will say that you don't and others said that you don't need a huge pack of whatever. If you're single or a member of the DINKS (dual income no kids) group, then you don't need a club store. But if you have a family, you can save money. The prices when buying bulk is certainly lower. Take a pack of New York Strip steaks for example. At the grocery, this goes for about $8-$9 a pound; at the club store, I was able to get it at $5.99 a pound. That's huge savings right there. I vacuum pack the meat, date it and store it in the freezer basement. This is just one example, there are other savings to be had. You can also get discounts on medicines, eyeglasses, travel and other services like heating oil, motorcycle accident attorneys and car insurance. So what do you think, are club stores saving you money or does it make you spend more money for things you don't need?

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