Just in Time for Easter

Turkeys in the backyard

For a week now, we have these baby turkeys in our yard. Since my MIL is cooking leg of lamb and ham, do you think these will be ready for Thanksgiving? just kidding! The kids were excited to see these turkeys. One morning, I was getting out of the garage when my daughter exclaimed "Mom, the turkeys are in the driveway, be careful!" I always see turkeys when driving around our area. Last week, a turkey crossed the freeway and I almost hit it. So why did the turkey cross the road? LOL

Easter Candy

So it's candy time again. As usual, I bought some pencils and candies to put in the plastic eggs and for the Easter goodie bags the kids gave to their classmates. I love these Easter M&Ms, pastel colors are my favorite. I also like these Jelly Bellys although these aren't really good for your teeth. My dentist said it's better to give kids chocolates than other candies.


This is what I had for dinner these past week, seafood. In the Philippines, we don't eat any meat during the Holy Week and every Friday during Lent. Fried Crispy mackerel, fresh tomatoes and garlic rice is one yummy combination. I also watched the Ten Commandments with my kids last night. They have religion in school so they are familiar with the story although my daughter prefers the Veggie Tales versrion since it's funny.

For Easter this year, we're going to celebrate it in my MIL's house. Mom and dad are back from Florida and kids cannot wait to see them. I know my daughter A is excited, she asked me to print out her recent report card to show grammy. She gives the grandkids $5 for every 'A' and my daughter, as usual, got it in every subject. (Good job swinkie!) The kids will also do an egg hunt with their cousins in my in-law's backyard. I don't know how long we're going to be out there but I hope it's not too long. It is FREEZING this morning, it doesn't feel like spring. Before going to my in-laws though, we're going to a party in a Chinese restaurant where I'm going to see my BFF Mira and her family. It's our God daughter's 2nd birthday so that should be fun.

How do you celebrate Easter?


  1. Hi Babette, nakakamiss naman ang ulam mo. Have a Happy Easter sa yo at sa buong pamilya! TC

  2. Happy EAster to you!! Looks like you have full day to clebrate.. hope you won't find that turkey in your plate..LOL..

    Why did the turkey cross the road? to get away from getting run over..lol..

    oh the candies.. yummy for our teeth. kasarap ng dinner mo, tuloy ginutom ako..

    Frezzing pa rin pala ang weather nyo dyan? it will be nice soon.

    Take care.

  3. A good Easter Sunday to you and your family!

  4. i love that fish u have there! ginutom tuloy ako! hmmpppp! ;O

  5. Happy Easter again, it's nice to see you today though we didn't get a chance to chat, lol. It's tough having to deal with a tot at meal time, I'm sure you know how it is. Have a great week ahead, bff.

    Anyway, be nice to the turkey, don't include it in your Thanksgiving menu ;-) I also had fried galunggong on Good Friday with tomatoes and patis. I had a great time eating it, so I guess it doesn't count as abstinence, lol. We also watched the Ten Commandments last night!

  6. Nice (baby?) turkey!

    I hope you had a nice Easter Sunday. It was pretty low-key for me though, resting and enjoying myself for much of the day.


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