Easter eggs and family

Easter Egg Hunt

What do they have in common? Some of them are cracked. LOL I know, lame joke. I am lucky that I have the nicest parents-in-law. :o) Our Easter Sunday was a full-packed day. Aside from the customary Easter religious celebration, we went to a Chinese buffet to celebrate the 2nd birthday of my friend's daughter. The food was great and the company too. My BFF Mira was there with her family along with other friends. I was stuffed with shrimps. Fried shrimps, sauteed shrimps, boiled shrimps...am I sounding like Forest Gump? ha ha After that sumptuous lunch which made me feel like I need to get the best diet pills I can afford, we headed over to my in-law's house. Good thing they didn't serve dinner right away. We had an Easter egg hunt for the kids first. It was freezing, the temps was in the 40's plus it was windy. Uh, where the heck did Spring go?


I want to share these photos I took last Sunday. The first one is of the kids looking for eggs near the playhouse. My in-laws had this built for the grandkids. The other one is of dh's nephew. I was taking pictures of the kids looking for eggs when I looked around and saw him on this tree. My brother-in-law hid some Easter eggs in the branches, which he always does every year. When our nephew was in grade school, the eggs were placed on the roof of the storage shed. Well now that he's 14 and 5'5, he has to work harder for it. LOL

How was your Easter Sunday?


  1. Oh Babette, I am so glad you had a wonderful Easter, I love the hunting of the eggs, the kids have so much fun. We did too, I finally got to get the heck out of this house Sunday, it was wonderful to be with my family and most of all of course my grand babies. I wish you well as always. God bless.



  2. Hi Mama,

    Belated happy Easter, i've been busy lately. huhuhu pero ok lang. I hope you are enjoying and relaxing.

    Kisses *** and Hugs!

  3. We have an easter egg hunt every year with the grandchildren with a note inside the eggs indicating where to look for the next egg. They have so much fun. Glad you had a wonderful easter!!


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