Some Good News

I received some good news the other day. I heard from my niece that she's going to Manila for her fiancee visa interview this month. I know that she and her fiance have been waiting for this day for a long time. My niece is in her early thirties and has been very picky with her suitors. I'm happy for her that she found the right man. She will be going to Texas since that is where her fiance lives. I guess I'll be visiting that state sometime this year. She wants me to be in the wedding party. For the first time, I am going to be a Principal Sponsor in a wedding. It's kind of weird since I've always thought that position to be for 'older people'. LOL I guess I'm considered to be in that age range (although I don't feel like it). I'm sure she's going to have a Bachelorette party so I'll ask my sister and cousins to give her some sexy lingerie. One surely needs it for the honeymoon. My mom is excited that her family members here in the US is growing although they're all scattered across the US. At least it'll give her a reason to travel.

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  1. wow! good luck to your niece and may everything flows smooth towards their plans! :)


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