Entrecard Droppers

Thanks to all my Entrecard droppers. I've been erratic in my dropping this past month but there are a lot of you that have been consistently visiting my blog. To thank those who have dropped the most in the past month, I've put up a do-follow link to your blog in my sidebar.

Speaking of Entrecard, have you noticed the drop in paid advertisements? I remember when it just started, there were a lot of paid advertisers. I still have a lot of those in my queue but I cannot wait until the ads are those from fellow ECarders who bought it with their hard-earned credits.

**How come those paid ADs that I haven't approved and are still pending is showing upon my EC widget? I was surprised to see this AD with the sexy blonde and 'Single?' written on it. I left this particular AD pending on my dashboard. What the heck is going on? Mind you, there are older paid ADs that have been approved previously yet this new one that I have not approved is in my widget. WTH?


  1. Entrecard can be such a pain. I haven't yet switched it over to my new blog, but when you get a chance, please check it out at www.meandtheblueskies.com. And if you're following my blog, please change that to the new one. :)

  2. I reject all the paid ads mareng barb, because if you don't reject within 24 hours still haven't approved yet, it will showing up in our blog. I red one of the blogger that posted the articles about it.

  3. pardon my spelling of red instead READ.

  4. check mo yung dashboard mo and make sure na naka check yung Ads only explicitly approved by you, so the paid ads will really wait for your approval bago mag show sa widget.


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