New Zealand, Someday

New Zealand FiordNew Zealand is one of countries on our list to visit. Can you tell we've been bitten by the travel bug? We want to see New Zealand someday. Since it's on the other side of the world, it'll happen most likely in dh's next sabbatical. He gets a month sabbatical from work every 7 years, thanks to the company who made the microprocessor inside your computer (maybe). Who wouldn't want to visit New Zealand? If you're a nature New Zealand coastlinelover like us, you will fall in love with this country. Just look at the photos right here, can you imagine being there and seeing it all in person? It is going to be breath-taking!

If you like the urban setting yet still close enough to beautiful beaches, then the city of Auckland is for you. Almost everyone in this city lives just 30-minutes away from a beach so wherever you go, you can certainly find the perfect spot for you. For arts and culture, then Wellington, which is the capital of New Zealand is a must see. It has all the arts and museums and heritage buildings plus fine dining. If you're like me, who are into mountains and beaches, then Christchurch is the perfect place to visit.
Whether you like the beach, the mountains or the city, New Zealand is everything you wish for and more.

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