PhotoHunt - Painted Houses, Ceilings and Walls

Trier Painted Building Trier Painted Building


I photographed these two pretty painted buildings in Trier, Germany. I think that painted buildings and houses are more prevalent in the southern part of the country.

                    Bavarian Painted House

This building is Schwangau, Germany where the famous Neuschwanstein castle is located.


Vatican Museum Painted Ceiling Vatican Museum Rafaele Room


These two photos were taken inside the Vatican museum.  This first one is one of the many painted domes and the second one is from one of the Rafael rooms.  This room is huge and all the walls and every part of the ceiling is covered with paintings by the artist Rafael.  The photos doesn't do it justice. It is simply stunning.




  1. Omg these are fantastic painted walls Babette. Really fantastic.

  2. I like the pretty painted walls of the houses. It breaks the monotony of a row of houses with only a uniform colour.

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