Photobucket Maintenance

Two of my blogs are nekid today. Apparently, Photobucket is doing some kind of maintenance. Since the photos from my layout are hosted by Photobucket, all you see here is a white page. I guess some accounts are not accessible at this time. I can log in but couldn't access my photo albums. I emailed the tech support and was informed of the maintenance. So pardon my nekid blog, I hope things will revert to normal ASAP.


  1. Just to let you my my blogs images are hosted by photobucket also, but I'm not having problem like you do. Try checking the codes or have you moved the images recently? Just trying to help.

  2. Thanks Nedekir. It's not all of Photobucket accounts, only on a particular server apparently, one of which mine is a part of. I found some people in forums having problems with their account too.


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