My Apologies to Entrecarders

I needed a breather. That was it. I took time off from dropping ECs last month. I felt it was starting to be a chore. I never strived to drop 300 a day, no way Jose. I was only dropping from my Inbox plus other blogs that were in my bookmark. I only started dropping again a couple of days ago and I dropped from my EC Inbox. I am now starting to get back to dropping regularly. I used to be a dropaholic but not anymore. Maybe I will be back in that list sometime but it won't be in the next couple of months. I even took a time off from blogging and just RELAXED. Don't you want to do that sometimes? It felt good to take time off from blogging. Now I think I'm all set to go back to the thick of things and I'll have to look for liporexall review online since my cousin asked me to look into it.


  1. i understand Babette! i want to do that sometimes. and i have done it many times! hehehe... EC dropping is time-consuming, and i don't reach 300 drops a day either. that is just too hard, for me [and many others] who are stay-at-home moms. glad to see u back!

    great sunday!!!

  2. Oh yes, it feels great to take time off from blogging and dropping ec. When we were in the Philippines, all I want to do is just enjoy our time there and not think of blogging or EC although I thought we owe it to our readers to update our blog. But anyway, I didn't even miss dropping ec, it makes me feel so relaxed!

    But here I am, back to ec dropping lately! I'm back to work, hehe.

    Hope you have a great week ahead Babette!

    Debbie :)

  3. I agree with you. Take a break from blogging and going online will do you a lot of good! Take a vacation or something and stay away from the computer! You will definitely enjoy it!

    And then when you come back, you will like blogging again! I have had this experience and I really think we should take a break once in a while.

    I hardly drop EC nowadays, only drop on those blogs I read. I don't purposely drop on blogs I don't read. I feel it's pointless.


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