Going on Vacation

It's finally here. My family vacation starts this Sunday, well, for me and the kids at least. Dh's vacation will still be in two weeks. In any case, why don't I feel excited? I should be since I'm going back to Manila and see my family, friends and relatives. My kids will see the house where I grew up plus we will go to my mom's province, the place where I was born. Hmm, I guess it boils down to the saying "There's No Place Like Home." My home is here and this is where I feel at most comfortable.


  1. whoa! vacation vacation! i love that! i mean... i need that! hahaha! kaya lang, imposible pa sa ngayon. enjoy nalang kamo! wow! i am so excited for you!!! pinas na yan eh! hehe... God bless sa trip nyo...

  2. hi tita babette musta po oi enjoy ur vacation...dito na ulit ako saudi

  3. Happy vacation Babette, enjoy yourself!


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