I Need My Java

If you told me 4 years ago that I will be a coffee drinker, I would've told you "No way!" I grew up drinking chocolate milk or orange juice for breakfast. When I started working in San Francisco, I would always get the brunt of jokes during our breakfast meetings. Aside from being the youngest in the team, I'm also the only person who doesn't drink coffee. Anyway, I started drinking coffee regularly after my parents visited us and stayed for a month. My parents are both coffee drinkers and I guess it rubbed off on me during their stay. I didn't have any coffee makers before they came and I bought one just for them. Now, I am an avid coffee drinker so I couldn't believe that I ran out of coffee beans this morning. I usually have a stash somewhere in the pantry. Then I remembered that I have some coffee pods. What a relief! Am I addicted to coffee? Not yet anyways. I can still function during those mornings where I'm too busy or in a hurry to make myself a cup.


  1. I don't drink much coffee. I can't stand too much coffee - will shake and be in a jittery mood after drinking!

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  3. I began drinking coffee after my Mom died. I didn't care for it before, but I was so exhausted that I needed caffeine to function for the funeral and all the family stuff, so when a relative offered it, I began drinking it and haven't stopped since.

  4. Coffee is great. Mocha is the best 8)

  5. I'm a coffee drinker..But I drink coffee every morning and before I go to sleep. Coffee doesn't make me sleep. That's why, I didn't drink coffee when I was working on the graveyard shift...
    So weird, right?



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