High Insurance Costs for Less Coverage

Everything seems to be costing more these days. What's worse is that you actually get less than what you would've gotten a year ago. That is awful, isn't it? From food products to services, it's all the same across the board. I'm still thankful though that dh is working so we don't have to worry about our health and dental insurance. We don't have the same coverage as we did last year. Cigna raised their premium so we chose a different kind of coverage. We get to keep our primary care doctor which is important. We still have the same dental coverage which is great since my daughter will be getting braces. She only has a slight overbite, which is barely negligible. We'll see what her orthodontist says. She'll be a teenager soon and up next will be to look for the best acne treatments for teens. I really hope that this economic slide will turn around soon. Everyone is affected by it in one way or another.

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