One Cell Phone, Too Many Choices

I've had my cell phone for 2 years now and it hasn't given me problems until now. Well considering that I only use it once in a while, it has been useful. These days though, the charge doesn't last the whole day which is frustrating. I'm now considering getting another to replace this old one. My network is Verizon and we are not considering changing. My husband said that he doesn't get any calls drop while in the freeway with this network compared to Sprint. Too bad, it would be nice to have an IPhone. Come to think of it, I don't really need a gadget like an IPhone. I just need one of those regular cellular phones that sends and receives calls. I don't do much texting either. I would rather call than text, it's faster that way. This is the opposite of cell phone users in the Philippines. They send text messages because it is cheaper than calling. I remember when I was visiting 2 years ago, it took me a long time to compose a message. My friend said I text like a snail. ha ha
So how do you choose your cell phone? Do you care about the gadgets that come with it or you just want one that works?


  1. Do you need to change your handphone? Maybe just change the battery : )

  2. I've thought about that Foong but with the price of the replacement battery, I can get a newer model for almost the same amount. Our plan includes a new phone every two years so I'm qualified to get a new one. I think in Malaysia it's easy to get phones and phone plans like in the Philippines. Here in the US, the phones are locked so one can only use it with a certain carrier. I wish it was different so I can buy the cell phone in the Philippines where it is much cheaper.


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