An External Drive for Me

The worst thing that could happen to someone with a computer is the hard drive crashing. That's my worst fear because all my photos are in it. I've burned some disks but I'm not up-to-date with it, sad to say. I thought of online storage too. Since I've been thinking of getting an external drive for quite some time now, I leafed through the Sunday ADs and saw one on sale at Best Buy. So I was planning to get that when while at BJ's I saw an external drive offered at a good price. What's better, it has a 1 terabyte capacity. Well, I don't know about you but I know that is one heck of a huge storage. I googled it to be sure and found that a terabyte is 1,024 giga bytes. Holy macaroni! My notebook has a hard drive that's almost 150GB so I can imagine how big 1T is. Well, as you can guess, I bought it since the price is right too.
Now, I can rest easily knowing that all my family's photos and videos are safe and backed-up. Do you have your files backed-up?

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  1. I have experienced that already and it was traumatic lol. That's why now, i have all the files saved in an external HD.


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