Time to Redecorate

I'm tired of the old sofa and loveseat. It still looks great and the cushions hasn't lost it's form. But, I'm not happy with it anymore. So, I'm going to donate it to one of the charity organizations that accept good furnitures, either Big Brother, Big Sister or the Salvation Army. I could just post it on Freecycle but I think it's better to go the other way, the money will go to a good cause. For now, I'm planning on doing the room with the fireplace. I want to do the kitchen too, but that will cost more especially if I want to get one of those copper kitchen sinks and granite counters. That will have to wait.

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  1. pwde amin na lang yang luma mong couch? maglilipat kasi kami and we literally have no furniture. :)


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