Tons of Memories

What do you do with your vacation photos? Do you have it printed and organized in a photo album? Or does it reside in your hard drive and hope that your computer doesn't crash? I have lots of photos and videos from our vacation last month. Now the hard task of organizing and storing them is staring me in the face. I prefer to upload my photos to either Snapfish or Kodak Gallery. This makes it easier to share the photos with all our relatives plus these websites also gives me the option to make prints or photo books which is my absolute favorite.
Now as for the videos, this is where I have a big problem. We always bring camcorders just like any other family and we take hours of footage. The problem is what happens with the video after we come back. Editing it is not easy and takes a lot of time and patience. I even bought Sony's movie editing software Vegas Movie Studio and DVD Architect to help me with the videos. It's a pretty nifty software but of course, one needs a lot of time to do all these stuff and that is very hard to find these days. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have some extra time when the kids go back to school. One can only hope... So, how do you deal with your photos and videos?

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  1. Some of my philippines photos I already printed over there, but the rest I need to upload in kodak gallery so I can buy printed one that I like. Mostly kenny burn it into CD.


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