Uh, Hello to You Too...

When I went back to the Philippines last month, I got to see relatives that I haven't seen for a couple of decades.

Some of them probably last saw me when I was still in high school, meaning I was 'thin' when they last saw me. 25 years and 2 kids later, I, like other women out there, have gained weight. I don't know why but there are some people that are tactless. How would you feel when someone you barely know tells you that you look big and probably should watch your rice intake. What the hell? This guy, who I barely knew, is my dad's childhood friend. This was probably the third or fourth time he saw me in my lifetime. Grrr... Maybe I should take Solo Slim just to silence him.

This same person also humiliated my niece. We were eating breakfast and he made a comment that goes something like "Here, have some eggs, you're looking thin errr fat." Ugh! I wanted to smack him right there. My poor niece can only sit there and smile. If I was rude like him, I would've called him up on it but since my aunts and some guests were there, I just made a face and sat silently.

My bestfriend's nephew and nieces here in the US doesn't even want to go back to the Philippines for the same reason. They're all plus-size and they received rude and thoughtless comments about their weight from relatives and family friends. Now they tell their mom that they don't want to go to Manila. What is up with these rude people? Is it a 'Filipino' thing'? Filipinos are very friendly and hospitable but sometimes some people don't know where to draw the line. I hope that it's just a generational thing and that other Filipinos don't fall into the same trap.


  1. hello barb,

    welcome home-USA............wow nakauwi ka talaga sa pinas.

    amy told me that you´re planning to go home to attend the 45th wedding anni, of your parents.

    wow sa dapitan pa..........

    sigi, balik na lang ako to view the pics,.

    sabi ni bernie, thank you for the greetings,
    and rebound, regards to you and family.

    have a nice day..........

  2. ay oo nga, yon mga feedbacks sa atin ano?

    mabuti sana sabi nila, maganda si ako, slim and bata pa tingnan........lol

    minsan sabi pa, galing sa labas, bisaya-probensiyana pa rin....lol



  3. Marami ring feedback sa akin, pero sabi nila di daw ako tumatanda, at ganon pa rin mabait at di nagchange ang ugali. sinabi rin nila sa akin na maganda raw buhay ko dahil di pumapayat at alagang alaga sa asawa LOL. so far wala naman namintas sa akin.


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