I'm Becoming a Germophobe!

I hope not! Early this morning, I filled up my SUV. Afterwards, inside the car, I just realized that I didn't have any hand sanitizer in my pocket book or in the car. I almost panicked (well, kinda) and that's when I realized that I may be becoming a germophobe. Is it just me or is anyone out there feeling the same thing? Everytime I come home from shopping or any public place, I make sure that the kids and I either wash our hands or put on some hand sanitizer. Especially during these times wherein the fear of getting the H1N1 virus or Swine flu is very real, it is important to be extra vigilant. Every week, I hear in the news that a healthy kid or teen died from this virus and it is scary. I'm out of those anti-bacterial wipes since I gave the last two tubs to my kids' class. I need to stock up on it and also shop for the best weight loss pills that my cousin from the Philippines asked me to get for her.


  1. Use Clean well instead!
    Most antibacterial products contain triclosan which has been shown to be a problem - hormone disrupter if I remember correctly.
    Antibacterial products are also contributing to super viruses.

  2. *groan* the older I got the more conscious I became of holding objects in public (think escalator handles, washroom doors and even condiment bottles in restaurants!). Now I can't leave the house without a bottle of alcohol in my pocket. So, no, I don't think you're in danger, I think I am! hehehe :)


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